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Inside Academics sets a new standard in demand generation

Thoughtful guidance, improved efficiencies and a best-in-class quality assurance platform to provide a more informed student.
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How we work

Inside Academics is a leader in direct marketing for higher-education. We help non-traditional students assess their college and university options as they explore continuing their education.

Our demand generation solutions for Higher-Education center around a greater level of student consultation and a best-in-class quality assurance program. Proprietary tools like our AMS (Admissions Management System) along with our incredible team put us in a great position to produce unparalleled results for both students and educators.

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Our History

Inside Academics was founded by industry leading professionals and built on a foundation of trust, hard work and unparalleled results. Our foundation stems from our teams prior successes which include Deepstar Interactive. Deepstar (founded in 2002), was known as a leader for its ability to produce highly qualified prospects. Though a lifetime ago, Deepstar built a dynamic platform of more than 100 O&O properties that scored and routed prospects in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Deepstar’s assets were sold in 2005 and most of the original properties continue to rank well in major search engines.

As digital media and demand generation matured, we found ourselves with a unique skill set that allowed us to leverage our past successes. Building on our core foundation, and integrating a wealth of knowledge related to direct-to-consumer marketing we decided to revisit the industry we were so passionate about years prior.

In 2011, Inside Academics was founded. Today, the stars are aligned, particles are colliding and we instinctively find ourselves succeeding to great heights as we set a new standard in demand generation for Higher Education.

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